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The family is called Ariadne because it was discovered by sailors near the island of Cyprus after they had sailed past the straits of Messina and were looking for fish. The name was chosen from a book of verses by the British author Charlotte Bronte.

I found these types of fonts really interesting and entertaining. These scripts were all made by a single person, so I think they are a little more special than other fonts that have been created by a computer.



When I saw these types of fonts, I instantly knew that this would be my favorite place on the web to find all kinds of handmade fonts. These handmade fonts are so incredibly beautiful and I want to share them with everyone, no matter whether you like handmade things or not.

Ariadne is perfect for all kinds of creative projects. It’s open-source, so you can use parts of it without getting the full experience. I’ve been using it for about two years now for all my type design needs.



As one of the first digital serif fonts to gain wide popularity, it has been used by brands large and small to create authentic and memorable brand experiences across multiple media including websites, social media.

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