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Hello friends, yet another addition among amazing fonts. The Autour One Font. It has got the coolest appearance. Basically, it’s a display font. Mr. Eben Sorkin is known as the primary designer of this elegant font.

The Via Sorkin Type Co released this beautiful font for the first time in 2012. It comes in a medium texture. Mr. Eben Sorkin took inspiration from the letters on Ludwig Hohlwein posters.

Don’t forget to try our previous font Halant Font. This font is a serif font that contains a neat and clean appearance. This Indian Type Foundry has held all the rights that are reserved for this font family because they release it for the first time in 2014.

Halant Font Family


That is the primary reason that it can be applied in long text paragraphs. It is crafted in a real friendly way so easy to apply. Even if you want to make pairs you would not be disappointed. It can be functional with pairs also, In pair condition with Korinna Font and Brussels Font. That would be a great choice.

Being multitasking with its fine quality characters it’s worth working with it. You can craft mind-blowing designs with its help. Customer satisfaction is a key part of any business. You can cater to all kinds of customers when you apply Autour One Font.

Autour One Font has come only in a single regular style with Truetype features. That single style contains 433 glyphs as well as 392 number of characters.

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And also that can support Latin script and its variants. Simply, we can say that its Unicode range is Latin-1, Latin-2, Eastern Europe, Turkish, and Macintosh Character Set.

Having enormous international support in different languages. This is a true example and evidence of its popularity among the people.

That increases its scope worldwide. Because that can help international designers to utilize it in their own languages. That’s why they can surely create magnificent designs for sure.

Now we will see its practical aspects. That font can usually be used in the appended ways to create beautiful designs.

For example, book covers, unique emblems, stylish card printing, unique emblems, comic books, game titlings, cartoon posters, stationery printing, kid bags, tattoos, sweet quotes, brand logos, and many more.

It is so user friendly and so easy to use and install. For downloading the Autour One typeface you just click on a single button here and get this. After that, feel free to use it everywhere you want.

Now we believe it surely works great for you. And you will get top quality designs as you like. If yes, then please refer to this amazing font to your friends and professional colleagues.

Friends if you have any reservation regarding its usage. Please do not be reluctant and let us know through our comment box. We are here to resolve your issue and follow your comments. we have a great value for your opinions.


Good Luck.


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