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Bahnschrift font is a cellular font and like Mostra Nouva Typeface it also has a capable solid width and it is a basic type font that is highly preferable.

The unique features of this typeface include its thin and elongated strokes, combining the weight and appearance of an ordinary serif with a more contemporary feel, created in a way that eliminates any visual distinctive from other letters in the same font family.



The result is a distinctive and eye-catching visual pairing that makes a well-written text appear more confident, clear, and crisp.


The design of the font Bahnschrift is inspired by the Bible and the style of the book of Joshua makes it more interesting. The letters have been carefully designed to form a cohesive whole.


This consistent design approach has made it a favorite among Bible specialists and high-grade book Illustrators. Large capitals have been replaced with smaller ones, emphasizing the massive size of the letters as they flow into each other. The outlines have been smoothed and the letters have been enlarged to create an even more majestic effect.



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