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Artists often use type to express themselves. This is especially true with signage and the like in public places where people might miss what you have to say if you weren’t using a visible font. In these situations, knowing how to choose a consistent and clear font can help your message get across.

It comes in various classifications with 25 unique styles. Bellfort differs from competing fonts in that it does not have horizontal strokes consisting of a single “o” or a single small ligature representing an accent.



The Bellfort typeface is a premium, hand-drawn typeface created for personal use by the typographer Bartek Nowak. Designed for legibility and clarity, the unique design of Bellfort gives your writings a unique, modern look that sets them apart from other fonts in your digital library. With just 14k glyphs, this font is tiny and easy to read.



At first glance, Bellfort looks like any other widely used typeface. But closer inspection reveals hidden details that make this serif font notable. In particular, the letters “”””b”””” and “”””l”””” angle differently from their counterparts, showing that their designs are not identical.


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