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Cheerios originally started out as a promotional item for the 1943 World Series. The fonts were designed by Harry Goldsmith, who went on to create many of the typographic elements used in advertising and communications during the war.


After the war ended, the company decided to continue using the fonts as a way to promote their products as well as their belief that ” health is power.” In a 2006 interview with Yahoo! News, Harry Goldsmith said he was inspired by the Sans Serif typeface used by Dunkin Donuts and Quaker Oats during the same time period as Cheerios.



The cool and trendy Cheerios font, designed by Google, is used for the packaging of confectionery items. In fact, this typeface is so widely used that its complete absence in any store sign or advertisement would be noticed at once.


The font family is a beautifully crafted set of fonts made by a San Francisco-based Typeface Generator. It contains clean, unified, and nicely rendered text that adds value to your work. While a lot of typefaces out there look the same, they don’t bring much value so it’s important to use a typeface that sets your work apart.



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