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Today we are going to show you some fonts from our upcoming release – Circular Std. These are going to be awesome typefaces designed by some of the best type designers out there. So keep reading, and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

There is nothing more pleasurable than to read a well-designed book, a well-designed website, or a well-designed logo. When these elements come together in the right proportions, they create something beautiful. This is a perfect typeface for this purpose.



This is easy to read, both visually and sonically, and it works great in both prints and on displays. You don’t have to be a design expert or even a web designer to benefit from using these fonts.

As this typeface is specifically designed for mobile device usage, there are no hacks or extensions that will allow you to use this font on your desktop computer or print it out for personal use. Being designed for mobile devices, it can adapt to any screen size and aspect ratio.



The balance between legibility and readability will keep your information clear and easy to understand.  You will be able to make out letters at a distance even if they are large or small.

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