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It’s a fantasy game franchise developed by Intelligent Systems used for the first time in Fire Emblem.

For the first time, it was published by Famicom in 1990. But still, this franchise releasing games like its latest release was on 26 July 2019. That’s why it becomes very popular all around the world.

Due to its popularity, its logo can be seen in many places. Various designers looking forward to its logo font because it’s really attractive. So, here we want to show the exact fonts used for its logo.

If you have never played Fire Emblem Awakening, you need to download it now. The deep storytelling will keep you playing for hours and will move you to tears.

Fire Emblem Font Family

The URW++ Danmark font is a unique blend of modernity and historicism. The font family includes five weights and they are very well legible in both cases. The font was created by Rubow Weber\nin 2001.

When you’re looking for an original gift, the perfect Univers Bold Italic Font will be a brilliant choice. It’s a perfect gift that appears to be delicate and neat.

Bodonixt Font has a bright, fun, and chirpy character which will always have that extra sparkle to your content. As it is designed with a pure acuteness and fun.

With their awesome texture, you can create book covers, unique emblems, product designs, web development, app designing, printing on cards, and many other things.

When you download the URW++ Danmark and Univers Bold Italic, you can get countless advantages to make your text look attractive. The fonts will definitely up your typography game.

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