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The French Script Font is a type of font that has awesome hand-rendered style and stylish texture. It includes several ligatures of the letters, too. This is a script-based font designed by Monotype Co Ltd. The French Script Font comes in a set of Four Thousand glyphs and works perfectly on any major programs like Word, PowerPoint, or Photoshop.

Textures are carefully layered to give you the best of both worlds. Creating the perfect balance that brings out the best of your design while keeping it unique and true to form.

Designers and typographers spent months making sure the font’s appearance is just right—so that everything you write will look stylish and attractive.

French Script Font Family

It’s not just a beautiful font. It’s also a truly usable and legible font for your projects. This font can be easily used with several other fonts like Archia Font or Time Roman Font.

This French Script Font is written in a pro regular and std regular manner. The two weights have 191 glyphs and 1000 units per em, in addition, it also has 453 ascender orders and -304 descender orders.

Moreover to its vital role in the fonts family, This font contains all caps and is one of the most versatile and eye-catching fonts in our collection. On the other hand, the maximum advance width can reach 1000. That’s why this amazing font has the potential to design a bigger design without more font support.

It’s perfect. Because it combines classic and modern traits, you can create designs that are both elegant and modern. Because of its unique and unconventional form, you can be creative and use it in a wide variety of modern designs.

French Script is a simple and engaging font that exudes sensibility. It has been designed especially to create stylish tags, logos, titles, and headlines especially for menus, promotions, beauty salons, and other personalized places that require something unique.

Please share your thoughts about the french font and let others know how they can use it in their projects, businesses, and many more.

We have chosen the best possible font for this. You can download it for free with just a single click on the download button below and use it for personal and commercial tasks.

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