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A script font with a beautiful style and texture, the French Script Font is perfect for you!  Created by the Monotype, it has got marvelous success in no time.

All textures have been created with curves and sharp corners. On the other hand, the designer avoids using baselines and straight strokes. This adds extra creativity to the design.

When you design a font, it’s important to consider its appearance. A cool and elegant appearance can help your font make an impression that lasts.

In addition to its unique letterforms, Archia has striking features such as the contrast between rounded and sharp corners in some characters and a wide range of weights.

French Script Font Family

We understand how important it is to meet legal standards and pass organizational audits so we have specially designed our products to only be used for legal purposes.

Completing the bigger design with one typeface is not that difficult thanks to its ability to fit in.

You can produce anything that will leave a lasting impression. In the start-up world, and with contests such as these. The possibilities are endless.

We have an exciting opportunity for you. We need someone to manage a team of three. You’d be provided with everything from the latest technology, an ad-free platform, and the ability to create a beautiful workspace that reflects who you are.

“The French Script” is a modern take on the classic Garamond typeface. It has a very exquisite and soft-touch which makes it the perfect typeface for branding, card making, invitations, etc.

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