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If you are looking for a sans font for your next design project, we will make sure you achieve your objective.

The font supports a wide range of applications. Typography neutrality is highlighted by contemporary design.

This beautiful typeface combines thin to bold textures for headline type. While its alternative shapes & letterforms create flexibility that adds extra creativity throughout the typeface.

The wide range of typographic features makes Work Sans Serif a perfect font variety, especially when combined with sans-serif and serif fonts.

Gentona Font Family

Tired of those blocky serif designs? Try Gentona Font! With over 150 characters, all 18 weights will help you create amazing designs.

Into its Extra light to medium weights, you will found sharp and fine thin cuts. While in Bold and Extra bold weight you will get muscle-bound. So, definitely, it makes your whole font becomes a great option for official work.

Have you always wondered how people make living playing video games? We’ll show you how to create your own online or even offline business. From the equipment, you need to the top strategies and techniques that work.

Start your next project. Use a beautiful and sexy font that will add the perfect touch to your next project and leave a lasting impression.

Now you don’t have to go through the hassle of buying a font. Just click on the button below and download the Gentona typeface. Later on, feel free to keep using it only for personal use. And for commercial use Buy each weight for $25.


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