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The Kill La Kill Italic is one of the most paradigm-shifting typefaces released in recent years and it’s already causing a stir in the design community. The lettuces in this typeface are very artificial and easily confused with regular type.

The Kill la Kill is based on the anime series of the same name, which is centered around a protagonist who fights to protect his honor and is often to be found duking it out with rival gangs. Based on the manga written by Kugane Maruyama, the anime premiered in October 2013 and received wide acclaim from both critics and audiences.



The font family is the symbol of our times. In the 21 st century this typeface has become more relevant because of its universal appeal. Scholars, novelists, and movie directors all rely on it for their messages.

So if you want to bring the violent battles and bizarre creatures of Death Star to your next project without spending $100 on an actual Death Star design, then it’s time to know about this font now.



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