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The Krungthep font was created by Wirat Kalanyakan in 2016.  It is a simple and clean hand-coded font family with distinct characters and its own unique style. It has been used by many writers, cartoonists, artists, filmmakers, and designers worldwide for decades.

Especially cute are the variations of the letters Krungthep can take on.  The wildest one might be “Krungthep” with two dots above it (like an E or an L), or with three dots above it (like an S or an X).


It has been featured by many different magazines and newspapers around the world especially those that deal with design and website design especially for blog designs and personal blogs.

This is not your average font. This is Krungthep, the font that’s going to take your designs to a whole new level.

Krungthep is the modern font for you to use. You can use it for anything you want because it will give the user a cute and elegant impression. Click here to download now,

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