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When we talk about elegance, that means neat smooth eyecatching. The Londrina Outline Font is the complete example. The Londrina Outline Font has a very stunning and decorative look in the most beautiful and decent appearance.

Brazilian font designer Mr. Marcelo Magalhães took the charge for designing it and releasing it for the first time in 2011. Still, it is the most demanding font because none other fonts in comparison to it are available in the market.

Don’t forget to try our previous font  Pirata One Font.  It has come in a single regular style with Truetype features. An Argentine font designer Mr. Rodrigo Fuenzalida took the charges for designing it and releasing it for the first time since 23 March 2013.

Londrina Outline Font Family

Its fame after release is true evidence that Brazilian font designer Mr. Marcelo Magalhães worked how hard to make this font a real success. He made this font pic of the choice for professionals.

So, with the help of these fonts applications, it provides a great tool for designing the most beautiful and coolest designs. We can recommend this awesome font for all contemporary designs. To meet the challenges of the current trends and market demands it can be a perfect choice.

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And we believe that The Londrina Outline font will surely create that kind of design. That does not only look magnificent but also changes the texture and complete complexion of the project. In that way, one can attract a large number of customers as well.

Londrina Font has come with four weights including Solid, Sketch, Outline, and Shadow. Each and every weight has 165 characters with 1024 units per em. All are superb.

Being versatile, these weights have great potential to work smoothly in any kind of design. That’s the only reason the result is guaranteed in all aspects when Londrina Font is applied.

There are several ways where this versatile font can easily use like fabric printing, game titling, game developing, app developing, tattoos, stickers,  watermarks,  or adobe photoshop as well.

I think enough elaboration is provided to cover each and every aspect of this mindblowing font. Normally this type of fonts requires a license.  But we bestow good news for our users that this diversified font is absolutely free for personnel use as well as commercial.

It comes with an open font license same as with Monda, Italiana, Chakra Petch, Skranji, Eczar font, or Alegreya Font. So, you can freely use the Londrina Font in every way as per client needs. Just click on a single button below and get this typeface into your computer within a seconds.

Friends, in case you find any difficulty in using The Londrina Outline Font. please write to us through our comment box.

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