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Hey everyone. Hope you all are fine and designing some cool and fabulous font. Today we are here with our latest font name Magra Font. It is from sans serif typeface that is available in two different and unique weights “Magra Bold” and “Magra Regular”.

Font Furor is the best primary designer and publisher for this font family. It is humanist fonts features that emulate the calligraphy and have a minimal list of contrasting strokes. It is a Fulfil headline and designers need it with its bold texture. And if you apply regular weight for the paragraphs it would be a great font pair.

These regular and bold textures include 429 glyphs each. Both feature an upper case, lower case letters scheme, ligatures, numerals, punctuation marks, and special marks.

Hope you like our previous font name Matiz Font is the most appropriate solution. Mr. Beycan Çetin, a top-notch typography expert took the responsibility for designing and releasing it for the very first time. Basically its an ideal for headline use. A single regular style heavy and bold texture makes it just the right choice for headlines design work operations. All the letters display perfectly kerned characters but the border for every letter owns an irregular textual appearance.

Also with its upper, lower case letters, scheme numerical, and ligatures, it also has amazing features for some signs as well as for most of the punctuation marks, Examines the letter map image that we fasten it to see how it looks like.

Use this royalty-free typeface like the ultra font in the various designing objectives. Practice Magra in composing books, displaying logos, banners designs, hoardings, labeling, business, invitation or wedding card designs, and more.

Download Magra font family from here for free in a true type file format. Just click on the download link here install the software in your device and start using it in any photo editor.

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It is a beneficial amazing font that fulfills your most wanted and your dream designs into reality. We hope that you like this beneficial and awesome font with this satisfying typeface.

In case you have some reservations please contact us through our comment box. we value your precious opinion. This may help us with any kind of improvement.

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