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Hello Friends, if you are looking for a heavy display typeface with a single regular style then Matiz Font is the most appropriate solution. Mr. Beycan Çetin, a top-notch typography expert took the responsibility for designing and releasing it for the very first time.

Basically its an ideal for headline use. A single regular style heavy and bold texture makes it just the right choice for headlines design work operations. All the letters display perfectly kerned characters but the border for every letter owns an irregular textual appearance.

We hope that you like our previous font name Minotaur Font or Minotaur Phatte Font is a Heavy, bold, and black classic typeface. It is an ideal font for any kind of design. Walter Velez decided to create this magnificent font and released it for the very first time. It has 85 glyphs counts in numbers with a single regular style. Upper case letters scheme, numerals, punctuation marks are included in it with some special features as well.

As seen in the featuring map images. The whole font family follows a uniform baseline with highly readable characters. Matiz posses upper and lower case characters, numerals, punctuation marks, and some links.

Matiz Font

Matiz typeface possesses 109 glyphs count in numbers. And all of these showcases almost the same texture. Its textual arrangements look similar to a uniform wide brush typeface.

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It has fancy textual order. By having huge language support from all over the world. This font is getting more popular bypass every single day. A large number of designers are so keen to use this awesome font. Just to full fill their project headline requirements.

Its texture may relate to Candal Font, a sans serif display typeface with 252 glyphs count in number. With heavy links and letterforms. Also appropriate for ant title displaying designs.

The most fascinating aspect of Matiz font is that it comes with SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. You can use it anywhere as per your requirements. just like any other royalty-free font. Such as Magra fontultra fontBarbaro Font, and others.

Using it as default headline typeface, advertising, books covers. Or for printing over fabric material will also be a great idea. Apply font variations scheme to keep Matiz as your need and choose a good pair along for more legible texture.

Download this font now by clicking over the link below in a single click. It will get you a zip file having a True type format font file inside. Install the font and use it where ever you want.

Make sure to update your experience with it in the discussion section below. Moreover, if you any issues or want to share any suggestions contact us. We wish you the best of luck. Happy Designs!


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