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Hello, I am Miller Lite.

I have always wanted to create products that would bring joy to my customers. As a graphic designer and developer, I have always been passionate about what I do. I’ve always held a strong belief in creating a product that will bring happiness and satisfaction to my audience.

The typeface used in the logo of Miller Lite beer is called Miller Genuine Draft. It was designed by Font is—the world’s largest supplier of custom typeface software.



The font is supplied over 500 premium fonts to over 100,000 clients across a wide range of industries including film, consumer products, retail, and hospitality.

Fonts can also add great functionality to your website if used correctly. That’s why it is important to learn how to choose the best free font for your website.



Miller Lite is a clean and neutral sans serif font that can be used for headlines and body copy where it should complement your content rather than compete with it. It comes in sizes ranging from 14px to 20px and can be used in headlines, exercise notes, bullet points, use in book covers, etc.

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