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This black, heavy, and bold font is known as Minotaur Font. It is an ideal font for any kind of design. Walter Velez decided to create this magnificent font and released it for the very first time.

It has 85 glyphs counts in numbers with a single regular style. Upper case letters scheme, numerals, punctuation marks are included in it with some special features as well.

I hope that you like our previous font that is Komoda Font. It is a clean extra tall display sans serif typeface that comes in a  regular style which is lightweight style. Asia Angulska from Barcelona, Spain took the responsibility for designing and releasing it firstly. As per have the sans serif traits almost all the letterforms edges so it does not have any extended features at the end of its stroke.

Minotaur Font

Minotaur is most appropriate for headlines. you can design for banners, or titles displaying design work operation. It doesn’t include the lower case letters scheme in a specific way (Just a smaller uppercase letters scheme).

If you notice that we have added some pictures to make its clear look. How it looks like. Beautifully crafted letters make their legibility more convenient along with a powerful appearance.

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Its clean and uniform baseline following texture makes any design look more appealing and professional.

This font is a perfect fit for any design requiring any more clear texture. It is available on the internet and did not come with a license. Various free fonts websites are sharing it.

That is the only reason it is suitable to use personally and at the same time commercially. You can use it in any size of the project. please do not forget to share your experience with us through our comment section.

You can use it for crafting books covers, banners designs, hoardings, and more. This classic font is perfect to create elegantly textured designs. Such as emblems, clothing, poster, and internet designs.

Printing over business cards, fabrics, video titling will also be a great great idea. Above all, we hope you will like using minotaur like every other designer and their readers.

Professionals are very keen to apply this typeface. this just to add beauty and style.

Selecting a good pair is also very important always go for a stunning pair. For instance, Croissant One Font and Matiz typeface must be the good pick for it. Download it now by single-clicking on the link below.

So, we hope that from now onward you will prefer to use Minotaur Font. Please recommend it to your friends and colleagues. especially to your professional ones.

In case, facing any kind of issue regarding its functioning. please do not hesitate to contact us. we are here to solve your issues and have great respect for your valuable suggestions.

Good Luck!

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