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Hello Friends, another font from slab serif family Zilla Slab font. It comes with a clear clean and real thick texture. The Mozilla Foundation took the charge for designing it and releasing it for the first time since 2017.

Hopefully, you must have enjoyed our previously discussed font that was Klinic Slab font. This font is from a basic serif font that has a clean and crystal clear texture. Mr. Joe Prince has taken the authority for designing and releasing it for the first time since 15th April 2016. This is the first and best font that marries the personality and functionality. Klinic Slab Font Family is available in eight styles including Light, Medium, Bold, Book, and for their italic versions. Each and every style has more than 200 characters.

So, now come to our current topic, Zilla Slab font. We can say that this is a modern font,  according to the current day’s requirements. Based on Typotheque’s Tesla, is designed with clear curves. Genuine italics, which gives a professional look. It also works in a friendly way.

This unique and versatile font comes with a combination of two fonts. That is a serif and sans serif. Both of them can make a great pair. Like it’s easy working with Arapey Font and Cambay Font.

A Large number of designers have applied that elegant font in their tasks just to provide professional looks.  Now that’s your turn. so, go on and create wonderful designs.

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Zilla Slab Font Family

Zilla Slab Font Family has available in 12 unique styles including Light, Italic, and Highlight Bold. Each style has 1056 glyphs and 507 number of characters.

According to its 12 styles, all are inclined with only the essential optical corrections. Because it contains upper lower case letter plans, numerals, accentuation marks,  and current symbols as well.

Now we discussed some of these versatile font usages. So, you are free to utilize this great typeface for almost every sort of project. For Example, brand logo, awesome emblem, official cards, special event card, newspaper, quotes, heading, font pair, and so on.

Kindly spare some time for us to leave a review about this clean typeface in the comment section. And also share it with your friends and professional colleagues or at your social sites if possible. In case, you need other fonts including  Magra Font then visit our homepage.

We think, you just click on a single button below and get the Zilla Slab Font Family into your computer. And use it anywhere you want because that has a SIL license like Matiz Font.

We hope that you will recommend this stunning font to others for enhancement of there project proficiency and better ambiance.



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