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Crenshaw font is a stylish and friendly design. If you want to make your business logo more impressive for your clients, it will be an ideal typeface. Crenshaw is a new, crisp slab serif font family that makes any typographic design project come to life. Crenshaw is an open-source font released by

Crenshaw font is a clean and neat typeface with rectangular slabs. The bold forms make it a readable and modern slab serif typeface with personality.

If you want to stand out from others in the crowd, Crenshaw is the typeface you want. Use it on your resume, business cards, website, and any other marketing material.

The perfect font pairing. The solid shapes of the letters make it very easy to read the straight arm of the letters used in the lowercase letters gives it a comforting feeling. The thin strokes also make it easier to read even from a distance. It is a typeface designed for logos and text.

With beautiful forms derived from geometric shapes, the Crenshaw Font exudes confidence and energy. It is a corporate typeface suitable for modern designs due to its distinctive style.

Add a touch of modern chic and professional allure to your next marketing campaign with Crenshaw, a new font family available exclusively. Just click on the DOWNLOAD button below!

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