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Univers fonts are used minimally, but always to emphasize the details of each typeface. If used in large amounts, they can get a little overwhelming.

This is a great font for the logo that related to the freshness, youth, and energy of the company.



The first thing you notice about Univers is its beauty. The way it was created, as a serif font, brings a fresh look to your designs. Its clean look and predictable style makes it very easy to read.

Univers will never look out of place on business letterhead or business stationery. It has an air of subtle elegance about it that will enhance any piece of design.


Univers is a great and basic sans serif font. It comes in various sizes and is perfect for body copy on websites, infographics, and quite a few other things too. It has a great character set and can be used for all kinds of purposes including headlines and body copy.



As it is quite relatable to the Helvetica font, you can use it twice better if you know Helvetica too and can make your design and its appearance gorgeous.

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