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Malisia Script font is a representation of words that has a certain look and feel to them. The design of a font is also known as font design. The general term for having a great design that can make letters look more popular or attractive is called font style.

It features Malisia script created by hand which gives depth and definition to each and every one of its 14 letters. It also incorporates various other historical elements that can be found in the region such as dragons, landscape features, and even meteorites.

The result is something that would look great on your laptop, phone, or tablet but also great for posters, t-shirts, business cards, etc.




Proper font choices will bring harmony to your text. The proper use of a font can make your messages seem clearer, as well as more appealing to the readers. When choosing a font for your business letterhead, you should pay attention to the hierarchy of its fonts.





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