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The Quickpen font family is a beautiful collection of serif fonts designed by Laura Condors. These fonts have a vintage feel to them, which works great for headers and small sections of your design. Due to their vintage feel, these fonts are great for using with posters, apparel, and posters.


If you’re someone who’s constantly looking for a new and custom-made font, then look no further. Quickpen is a font family that can make your designs pop. Each font features 28 amazing hand-drawn letters created by Japanese cartoonist Ryohei Konno.


Each letter is carefully designed to complement the next and combine with each other in ways that would never be possible with just a regular font. In case you are willing to have some fun with your designs, then this is definitely something you should check out.



The font is a carefully designed modern handwritten typeface. It’s designed for high readability and easy readability even in small sizes. You can choose various options like regular, bold, or italic, and sizes from 14 to 32px.


The font looks great both on desktop and mobile devices. It comes with Regular, Bold, and Subscript styles along with Font Size and other features that will surely make your designs stand out from the crowd.


If you are into creating art, logos, type, and other creative projects, you must know the importance of a good font. More than thousands of fonts are available in the market and choosing the right one can be a task. Fonts can make a logo look better and function better on websites.





Also, a great font can be used to create custom cards or other items for sale online since the font is a common medium for creating all types of graphic designs. If you’re looking for a great font then browse through my choices and pick your favorite one. you can definitely  use this font in any projects and convert me into a fan of this.

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