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Hello friends, if you can’t compromise less then the best then we have a mindblowing font for you. Yes, Barbaro Font. Barbaro Font is a magnificent classic serif font with outstanding heavy textual order. One of the best for the headline, titles, and bold displays.

Iván Núñez is the man who is responsible for designing and releasing it for the first time. It designed in two weights including roman, and western design. Both of these features weighty text forms and serif stroke.

Hope that you like our previous font that is Magra Font. It is from sans serif typeface that is available in two different and unique weights “Magra Bold” and “Magra Regular”. Font Furor is the best primary designer and publisher for this font family. It is humanist fonts features that emulate the calligraphy and have a minimal list of contrasting strokes.

The smooth and calm vintage design has enormous language support. This support reveals all over the world. Barbaro will be an ideal pick for any constructive displays requirements serif headline and bold texture.

All the letters showcase includes a slight projection finishing off every stroke edges and for western weight, there is a slight projection at the edges of the center as well as shown in the images below.

Barbaro Font Family

Barbaro typeface comes along the upper case, lower case letters, numerals and punctuation marks. Lower case letters are the same in shape but slightly small from the capitals for a good reason.

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Due to its diversified approaches, it is compatible with so many fonts to make pairs. On the other hand, it has a great feature regarding its usage. It is absolutely free to use either for personnel as well as commercial use. Here are some instances elaborated below to explain.

Such as besomcarosellofamily guyheeboNashville, and amaranth. Now we look at some of this stunning font usage that can help us to improve the ambiance of our projects.

Being so versatile you can apply this heavy font where you want. You might use it in designing some logos, banners, posters, hoarding texts, video titling, fabric printings, labeling magazine covers, books covers, and more.

Iván Núñez deserves appreciation for creating it and keeping it free for the commercial uses. Please Do tell us about your experience with it in the comments section below.

So, friends, we hope that working with this splendid font would be a great experience. If this so, please refer to your friends and colleagues. We are so sure that with its help and application professionals with be glad to have this font.

But still, if you have some reservations regarding its usage. please contact us through our comment box. we value your precious comments.

Good Luck!


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