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Mass Effect font is being used in the logo of the mass effect action role-playing game is a combination of two typefaces. Word “MASS” uses Korataki Regular while the word “EFFECT” uses Slider Regular Font.

The regular slider is a modern and visionary design created while keeping the requirement of tomorrow. So legible and smooth. t comes in upper, lower case letters schemes, numerals along with punctuation and some special marks.

While Korataki is a techno sci-fi typeface comprising seven weights with italics. Having a reflection of the 70s era with a real stylish structure. It has changed the whole complexion with modern techno style. but at the same time lowercase also.

Hey guys. Have you seen our previous font that is Barbaro Font? It is a magnificent classic serif font with outstanding heavy textual order. One of the best for the headline, titles, and bold displays.

Mass Effect Font

The Mass effect uses Korataki Regular in its title. Both of these typefaces renders a great font pair and get too much popularity and fame in a very short span of time. Preview the letters map picture to know more about these fonts.

So, these s fonts are accurately arranged and follow the uniform baseline.  The main typeface is one of the earliest techno typefaces while slider regular font owns its own unique wide texture for better readability.

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In Mass Effect Font high point variation adds beauty and power when it is applied.  The only step that is missing, the selection of font pair. select the appropriate pair and smash the market. you can make wonders with its application. Consider using Oblivion Font a gothic typeface with it as well.

You can practice it in crafting modern logos. posters designs, movie titles. Book covers, labeling, banner displays, printing business, invitation, or wedding cards. Video titling, for advertising purposes, book text headlines, and more.

Applying these in developing games, or some website theme will also be a great idea. Print over to fabric or glass stuff for some innovative designing concepts. It will support you respectively with its variety of language support.

It is so user friendly that with just a click of a button you can get into your computer. but only for personnel use.

Get the mass effect font bundle from here by single-clicking over the link right below. Both fonts are added in true type file format. Use it for personal undertakings and keep rocking with your designs.

In the light of the point discussed so far, we hope you liked it. If you are satisfied please refer to your friends and colleagues. We assure you that with Mass Effect Font application in the projects. It can add style and a professional look in the operations. So go for it and keep enjoying working with it.

Good Luck!

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