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This font is designed totally based on inspiration from this comedy short movie. The font family consists of mostly condensed and/or italicized versions of the characters from the movie with some minor variations to make it more suitable for different reading levels.

It’s an elegant balance of strokes designed to attract the intuitive eye while limiting the distractions of traditional computer displays. Sans Conditional is perfect for titles, headings, subheads, bullet points, and other areas where precision is required. Based on an original design by Matthew O’Callaghan, this highly versatile font is suitable for all types of branding and special projects where style was a factor.



The decoration is not as strong as other serif typefaces, but it is easy to read and differentiate from the background. It can be used as a container for other text elements or a stand-in for images with special effects. It is suitable for all kinds of websites: blogs, portfolios, or commercial businesses.

This is a typeface inspired by the lettering found on vintage toys and games. Machines can produce different styles of fonts without any human involvement — a crucial attribute when creating lettering for small formats like cards, posters, or business cards that need to be legible but also distinguishable.


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